Our Hydraulic Lift

Our LiftIn order to help riders using wheelchairs the group, with the support of the Nottinghamshire Community Foundation, commissioned an hydraulic lift which can take a rider, a wheelchair and two helpers up to varying heights depending on the size of the horse.

The lift has the added advantage of being road-towable, so riders are no longer restricted to mounting at the stables – the lift can come too.

Designed and built by Mick and Bill from local firm Altitude Access www.altitudeaccess.co.uk the lift has been used regularly now for more than 7 years and has proved hugely successful, despite reservations in some quarters that it would frighten the horses.

Woodside has been extremely grateful to Mick and Bill for their ingenuity in meeting our need and to the Nottinghamshire Community Foundation for their leap of faith in funding equipment which did not exist until the money was there to build it.